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LGeneral ist ein Clone von Panzer General und verwendet die Original-Datendateien von diesem Spiel, die auch auf der Webseite angeboten werden, da der Autor davon ausgeht, daß die Herstellerfirma keine Interessen mehr an diesem Spiel hat.

Installation (lgeneral)

(aus dem ReadMe entnommen)

LGeneral runs in X and uses SDL (>= 1.1.4) and SDL_mixer (optional, any
version). Both libraries can be found at http://libsdl.org.
Now enter your favorite shell and type in the following stuff (in the
directory you extracted the LGeneral source)

  > ./configure [--disable-sound] [--disable-install] [--disable-dl]
      --disable-sound:       no sound
      --disable-install:     no installation; play from source directory
      --disable-dl:          disable use of AI modules and stick to the
                             built-in AI
  > make
  > su (become root)
  > make install (if install wasn't disabled)

The LGeneral engine and the converter lgc-pg are now installed. Please download
the data package or use your copy of PG (DOS version) and feed the engine
according to the instructions in README.lgc-pg.

Installation (panzer general data)

(aus dem ReadMe entnommen)

If you have installed LGeneral by 'make install', mount your Panzer General
CD (e.g., to /mnt/cdrom) and run the following command as root user:

    lgc-pg -s /mnt/cdrom/DAT

If you do not have the CD you can download the abandonware pg-data package
from http://lgames.sf.net, extract it (e.g., to /tmp/pg-data) and run
the following command as root user:

    lgc-pg -s /tmp/pg-data

If you compiled the source with option --disable-install to play from source
directory (e.g., necessary to use the reinforcements editor---see README.redit
for more) you will have to explicitly specify the destination directory. E.g.,
if you extracted the source to ~/sources/lgeneral-X.X.X (with X.X.X being the
version number) then you have to run the following commands:

   cd ~/sources/lgeneral-X.X.X/lgc-pg
   ./lgc-pg -s /mnt/cdrom/DAT -d ../src

Thus, the src-directory of the package is the destination for converted data
in case installation is disabled.

This will convert the original Panzer General data.

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