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Über das Spiel

Mythruna (myth + rune + a) is a game under development attempting to combine serious role playing elements with an endless, living, and completely modifiable randomly generated sandbox world. When completed, Mythruna will be a unique gaming experience.


If you have stumbled onto the site without ever having downloaded the game, you can grab early test releases here:
Engine Test Builds

Mythruna ForumFor discussions and questions, you can head over to the forum:
Mythruna Forum
There are discussions there on everything from game concepts, progress, and announcements to ways in which the game can be modified or added onto.

You can also view various Mythruna-related videos here:
My Youtube Channel

A recent tutorial of the pre-apha “Build Mode”:
Build Mode Tutorial

One of the original videos I produced:
Old Mythruna Walkthrough

And one of the recent physics engine videos:
Physics Progress

Status Mai 2017

Die letzte zum Download angebotene Version ist betitelt mit Pre-alpha Test Build: 20120627. Es scheint demnach seit längerem kein Update gegeben zu haben. Im Forum gibt es allerdings einige Aktivität.

Stand Januar 2020

Nichts neues.

Screenshots und Videos