Irukandji 2 preview

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Irukandji 2 preview

Hi all,

First of all, thanks again for buying Irukandji and supporting my game development endeavors. You guys are super awesome!

I spent a couple of weeks a month or so ago making a start on Irukandji 2. I’ve uploaded that version and it’s now available for download, so I can get some feedback about what’s there so far. So, if you’d like to give the preview a try, click on the link below and get downloading!

I’d love to hear what you think, especially about the controls, so please leave a message in the comments.

The ultimate plan for this is to have about 5 levels and several ships, so it’ll be a much longer game than the first. I’m planning on finishing it after I’ve released Scoregasm. If you haven’t checked out Scoregasm yet you can do so here:

Anyway, have fun, and thanks again :)