Color it by Numbers - Kids games for PC, Mac, Linux

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Color it by Numbers - Kids games for PC, Mac, Linux

Der Typ hats an LIFLG geschickt, wir könnten es wohl aber besser verwursten:


My name is Andrew. Our team has recently released 3 coloring games for children with the themes of animals, vehicles and princesses. We were literally obsessed with quality throughout the development stage, which set us back by a fair deal of time, but allowed us to create the best coloring games for children on the market.
I'd love it if you could check them out and write a review.

Game features:
-three coloring modes
-easy to change preset colors
-cute and exciting images
-beautiful effects
-adapted for all screen resolutions
-the picture is automatically saved after exiting the program
-original music
-available in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian
-available for Linux, Mac, PC

Game page:
Video tour:

Review registrations available on request.
Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

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Moin Reto,

geht's dabei einzig um eine Review oder sollte dazu auch eine Meldung wie "ist jetzt verfügbar" unter News stehen, was meinst du?
Hat generell schon jemand das Proggy in den Händen gehabt?