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Grafisch ansprechendes Rennspiel

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Buggy Race

Ein Autorennspiel aus Polen

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Tunnelrace is a rather unusual racing game. The environment is a round tunnel with no global gravity. The vehicles attach themselves to the walls with a levitation engine. There are also deadly electrical rays in the tunnel which must be avoided.

This game placed as 5th out of 9 in Assembly 2005 game development competition.

Notes: The AI is kinda stupid and does not really provide a challenge. There is no license information in the package, but consider it to be GPL. The source code is a bit of a mess and will be provided upon request.

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Strap-on-bomb Car

“Urre’s Strap-on-bomb Car is one of those awesome small addictive games. It looks easy to play, but believe me, it’s not that easy :) I can’t deny that it is fun to play game and you will enjoy playing it along with your kids (if you have any).”

- Alexander “motorsep” Zubov, Kot-in-Action Creative Artel.

The game will run almost on any computer as long as you have Nvidia or ATI video card in your desktop/laptop.

It comes in three flavors, such as Win32/64, Mac and Linux32/64.

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Rennspiel und Remake des Spiels VDrift auf Basis der OGRE-Engine.

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Trackmania United Forever

Eine Mischung aus Puzzle und Rennspiel

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Monster Truck Madness

Monster Trucks

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Need for Speed: Porsche

Rasen, was sonst?

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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

Nummer drei der beliebten Serie

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Durch die schönsten Landschaften rasen

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